Saturday, 3 October 2009

This Fat Lady..

..well, as the title goes, This Fat Lady can't sing. If she sings, the whole world shakes. Earthquake! One of her nephews once said "aunty, please don't sing, it will not only bring the rain, but it will flood the city!" Cheeky monkey!
Hmmm...what should this Fat Lady write. About work? Nahhh...that's boring. Well, may be one day she will write about her work. Food? Ahh...that's the love of her life, besides her other half, of course.

This Fat Lady, however, will try not to write too much about food as it has been and being done almost everyday by lots of other bloggers. The Fat Lady is not undermining the bloggers that like to post their cooking skills, menus, recipes, etc. In fact, she enjoys surfing the internet for blogs that contains those materials. She loves food. That Fat Lady. Oh yes, she does.

This is the first post by the Fat Lady. She will continue writing soon. Very soon.

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  1. Hi Ashikin, Thks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see the next post from you soon! Cheers!